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Cristophe Carbenay Etchings

Geplaatst 30 sep 2012 05:13 door Olivier van Wijk   [ 30 sep 2012 06:37 bijgewerkt ]
Cristophe Carbenay

Cristophe Carbenay was born in 1964 in St. Maur, France. He has been living in North Germany/ East Friesland since 1981. From a young age, he had been  interested in star gazing - this would then become an important motif for his dreamworld  which he would then represent on paper.
Cristophe Carbenay studied at the art academy in Frankfurt. He then specialized at the Fine Arts Academy in Hannover in 2001 and in Braunsweigin in 2004 where he obtained his diploma.
Contemporary Glass ART - View my 'carbenay' photos on Flickriver "In 1998 I opened the "Bildarium" - an art kiosk and exhibition space- in Hannover". In 2000 the "Bildarium" was relocated and transformed into a communal studio. Cristophe Carbenay has been a freelance and graphic artist since 1999 and he also takes part in exhibitions. "In 2005 I took part in the 15th Saxon Graphic Symposium in Hohenossig. I began designing diverse drawing and printing techniques and became an illustrator of a literary magazine". More of his works can be seen in the ART BOX in Frankfurt / The Buchholz Gallery in Main / Galerie Cicero Greetsiel in Hannover.
Cristophe Carbenay has been working on his project called "Mijn Orinoco" since 1998. It is a research project that keeps on growing. Cristophe Carbenay has been studying the causes and diverse forms of love - because love is a difficult thing. He has been a witness of "shocking" happenings numerous times - he therefore had to admit that he is not immune to the world of emotions.
In "Mijn Orinoco", Cristophe Carbenay examines the life and behavior of "love cells".He collects, gathers and documents different populations. This allows him to reach new insights into the "Amourologie". There have already been love altars, a "love cell" family tree and a cell panorama that have been created in the name of love - all of which were exclusively drawn in pencil or engraved.

text by Petra Vujicic, Young Culture Gallery, Maastricht