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Janet Alter | paint on wood

Geplaatst 30 sep 2012 06:05 door Olivier van Wijk   [ 30 sep 2012 06:27 bijgewerkt ]
Janet Alter

Contemporary Glass ART - View my 'alter' photos on Flickriver Janet Alter is an artist from Germany. Her art consists of illustrations, furniture design and object creations.
Her illustrations are a mix of drawings, paintings and collage. Her various topics include angels, love and a series called "I like...". these concepts give her art a fun childlike atmosphere.
Her furniture collection consists of tables, closets, book stands etc. Her collection stands out as being "pure", with the color tone being exclusively pastel such as light blue,pink, egg white etc.
Janet Alter's object creation consists of decorations which include flowers and butterflies which give it a fairy-like, magical feel.

text by Petra Vujicic, Young Culture Gallery, Maastricht