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Geplaatst 15 apr 2011 05:04 door Olivier van Wijk   [ 15 apr 2011 05:07 bijgewerkt ]
When did that word arrive on this earth...

The word punk has been smoldering in English for hundreds of years, undergoing drastic changes of meaning from century to century. A kind of overcooked corn, explained in a 1618 account of certain Indians in Virginia. Around that time, also, punk was a word for 'ashes' in the Delaware Indian language.
­ A couple of centuries later, punk had become a word for the slow-burning sticks used in kindling fireworks. By 1889 it was a slang term for a cigarette, and by the end of the century punk had a sense 'worthless'.
­ Today's first meaning of punk, a small-time hoodlum, developed in the period between the World Wars. And in the late 1970s punk was assiociated with music.

­Céline Wouters (Sittard, 1980)
After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2006. I work as a freelance graphic designer based in Amsterdam (NL). Where I do – mainly in the form of printed matter – both self-initiated as commissioned projects. At Young Culture gallery a selection of my work is presented.