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Tim Enthoven

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'The Tiny Tim, The Early Years Of Tim Enthoven, 1994-2003', the book. Tim Enthoven 2012, Published by MU Eindhoven, Design by HeyHeyHey
photo: Patricia Nauta

Tim Enthoven is a multidisciplinary artist, working and living in Holland. His work consists of drawings, etchings, books and installations and is often concept-driven.

In 2011 he published his first graphic novel. The book, entitled Binnenskamers was his graduation project for Design Academy Eindhoven. In May 2012 his first mayor solo exhibition: The Tiny Tim opened in museum MU in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

In Binnenskamers protagonist Tim attempts to get a grip on life by following a strict discipline. He tries to limit the world to the four walls of his room; there is no place for others in his life. When people eventually force themselves into his life, the outside world and chaos enter his room and mind.
As Tim’s every move is visible in his small transparent room, the reader becomes a voyeur.

Enthoven designed Binnenskamers with an obsession for order, repetition and structure.
In Binnenskamers Enthoven investigates to what extend life is controllable.

The book won the Renee Smeets Prize for the best graduation project of 2010. In 2012 it was awarded the Plantin Moretus Prize for the best-designed book in Flanders, and the Dutch Comic House Debut Prize.

The Tiny Tim is Enthoven's first major solo exhibition at museum MU in Eindhoven. It is a selection of youth works dating from 1994 to 2003. A series of etchings, drawings and installations are shown in six reconstructed childhood rooms.
In The Tiny Tim, Enthoven investigates the construction of memory and the possibility of a hermetic oeuvre.

A book version of The Tiny Tim was published in fall 2012.

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In his work he is particularly interested in the boundary between fiction and reality and the functioning of memory. He experiments with the autobiographical nature of his work and explores different forms of narrative.

Enthoven's work was featured in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Elephant and Print Magazine.

Selected Exhibitions:

2009 groupshow ‘It is what it is’ in Eye of Gyre Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2010 groupshow ‘Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2010’, Eindhoven, NL
2010 groupshow ‘Stacked’ in Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven, NL
2011 groupshow ‘Vice Versa’ in CBK, Den Bosch, NL
2011 groupshow ‘Taal en Teken 1’ in Kunstenaarscentrum Bergen, NL
2011 groupshow ‘EveryDayDutch’ in The Wonderroom, Selfridges, Londen, UK
2011 soloshow ‘Binnenskamers’ in The Bries Space, Antwerpen, BE
2011 groupshow in The Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam, NL
2011 groupshow Mondriaan Foundation, 18e Beijing International Book Fair in NCIEC, Peking, CH
2011 groupshow ‘Nieuw Talent’ in Centrum voor Beeldcultuur, Breda, NL
2011 groupshow ‘Pick Me Up’ in Somerset House, Londen, UK
2012 groupshow ‘Plantin-Moretusprijs’ Designmuseum, Gent, BE
2012 soloshow ‘The Tiny Tim, the early years of Tim Enthoven 1994-2003’ in museum MU, Eindhoven, NL
2012 groupshow ‘Boundless’ CBK, Amsterdam, NL
2012 groupshow ‘Reconnaissance’ in Testbed1, Londen, UK
2012 groupshow ‘Best Verzorgde Boek’ in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL
2013 groupshow ‘Panorama’ Chaumont, FR


2009 ‘Tim Enthoven in White, Black and Coloured’, self-published
2011 ‘Binnenskamers’, published by Bries, Antwerpen / Uitgeverij De Harmonie, Amsterdam
2012 ‘The Tiny Tim, the early years of Tim Enthoven 1994-2003’, published by MU


2010 Keep an Eye Grant (NL)
2010 Rene Smeets Award (NL)
2011 Blend Absolut Talent Award (NL)
2012 Best Verzorgd Boek (NL), for Binnenskamers
2012 Plantin Moretusprijs (BE), for Binnenskamers
2012 ComicHouse Debuutprijs (NL), for Binnenskamers
2012 D&AD award (UK), for a New York Times Magazine cover
2013 Best Verzorgd Boek (NL), for ‘The Tiny Tim, the early years of Tim Enthoven 1994-2003’

Selected publications:

2009: ‘It Is what it Is’, 2x4 Studio New York, USA
2010: Creatie Magazine, NL
2010: Vice, NL
2011: I Love Fake Magazine, NL
2011: Elsevier, NL
2011: Vrij Nederland, NL
2011: Items, NL
2011: New York Observer, USA
2012: VPRO Gids, NL
2012: De Standaard, BE
2012: Humo, BE
2012: Kunstbeeld, NL 2012: Volkskrant, NL
2012: Elephant Magazine, UK
2012: NRC Next, NL
2012: NRC Handelsblad, NL
2013: Print Magazine, USA
2011: VPRO de Avonden (radio) NL
2011: The New York Times, The 6th Floor Blog (blog) USA
2012: Canvas, De Canvasconnectie: Tim Enthoven (tv) BE
2012: VPRO de Avonden (radio) NL
2012: The New York Times, The 6th Floor Blog (blog) USA
2012: NTR Kunststof (radio) NL

Selected clients:

2x4, USA
BLEND magazine, NL
DAMn Magazine, BE
Design Indaba, SA
Items, NL
Men's Health, USA
NRC Handelsblad, NL
The New Yorker, USA
The New York Times Magazine, USA
The New York Times, USA
TrendUnion, FR
Vice, NL