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Vincent Bos

Geplaatst 7 apr 2013 07:19 door Olivier van Wijk
Vincent Bos Ontwerpen is a product designer from Utrecht, educated at Artez art-academy in Arnhem. Artez Alumni since 2011.

Vincent Bos Ontwerpen was founded in 2011. The service areas of Vincent Bos Ontwerpen are not limited to that region.

Vincent Bos Ontwerpen is specialized in managing smaller design projects. Projects can be initiated by Vincent Bos or in close cooperation with the client. Vincent Bos Ontwerpen works from a client oriented approach.
Production regularly takes place in-house and can incidentally be outsourced.

Key words: product design, basic luxury, simple, wood, ceramics.


After working several years as a bank employee, in which client contact was a big part of my daily job, I chose to return to school to get my degree in Product Design.
This was a great switch and I obtained a new perspective. I have learned to develop my own vision.
In the 4 1/2 years of education I got at Artez Arnhem I found myself especially interested in working with natural materials. I am used to work with materials like wood, clay, ceramics, fabrics and rubber.

For my graduation I designed an entire line of 'garden elements', its main components being wood and ceramics.

Specialties:I am specialized in working with ceramics and wood. During my education at the Art-academy and fieldwork in Jingdezhen, China, I focussed on working with ceramics and mold-making. Casting molds is currently a common activity for me as an independent product designer.