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Geplaatst 26 dec 2011 05:29 door Coco-Susanne van Wijk   [ 26 dec 2011 05:45 bijgewerkt ]

'A dreamer and a mathematician' , this young Dutch design duo complement each other well. The wild fantasy is created, and is then surreptitiously grounded by the mathlete; It's a philosophy that seems to keep things from going a bit over eccentric, and tends to generate an alluring, yet graspable charm.

Designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders - both graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in 2008 - just couldn't wait to get their imaginative paws immersed into the design marketplace. While studying, this duo nurtured the fledgling design studio. The pair make-up a formidable force, and business acumen aside, they admit they just couldn't delay the fun any longer.
Tineke's wistful approach blends perfectly with Nathan's mathematical line of attack, forging a mind challenging ambience that uses simplicity as the key to our affections.

The 'What it is, it isn't' installation perfectly illustrates how the two integrate their expertise. The rippled, underwater profile of this odd closet screams out an 'Alice in Wonderland'-style deformation (and we all know the fuel behind that story's fire)! But why just deform when you can restore normality at the same time? 
Enter the maths; the 'Looking Glass' stand, with its axis at the apex of AA similarity thus bisecting the congruent halves obviously brings back a concentric geometry, thus reinstalling isometric normality to variable optical channels. 
Or in other words, if you position yourself correctly behind the looking glass, the cupboard appears normal. It's an appealing concept, and the fact that they produce most of their installations from the ground up, including the tricky build process, will ensure that this innovative pair will continue to compete at a high level on a very spirited design forum.'