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Geplaatst 15 apr 2011 07:27 door Olivier van Wijk   [ 18 sep 2014 02:48 bijgewerkt ]
“We are learning from environment, and designing the essential of this era.”

We are conceptual product design studio based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Our abstract level of design initiation is simply human based. We both not only like adorable shape of design, but story base design from everyday. We are both from South Korea. We met in Design Academy Eindhoven, and we’ve been working together as ‘Joon&Jung’ since 2008. Our experiences of studying design in Korea and the Netherlands give a unique affection to concrete our philosophy and aesthetic. Especially, the influence of Dutch Design made us a storyteller with a form language and our design identity more strongly.

Working Diverse:
Ceramic, Textile, Furniture, Product, Interior, Concept Based Design Consult and Strategy, Conceptual Life Style Research, Design Journalism